Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hollow Forms Protrude Into Space
Extend your formerly flat work into the third dimension! Add more depth to your collages by building outward or upward! If you have primarily worked with two-dimensional collage or painting, you may find it easy to expand into bas-relief (low relief). Heavy foil can be rolled, crumpled, creased, and pleated. Or score and bend heavy, thick paper for dimensional effects! 
This work (below) with found objects and scrap materials, portrays my emotions about our dirty air and spoiled environment. The dimensional "smoke-stack-like" forms were made with bits of aluminum tape. They might remind you of volcanoes! I also adhered gritty pieces of flat elements I found at roadside, and used acrylic paint. The title is Industrial Revolution. 
(I suppose some of you will see a face in it, with a red nose!) Feedback is welcome.
mixed-media, collage, painting
Difficult to see here, but the dark "holes" are surrounded by protruding forms!


  1. I think your piece conveys perfectly the environment that we see daily in our own towns and worldwide, and through the dirt and smog, like you say, emerges the face, possibly portraying Mother Earth saying, Clean Up and Green Up People. Very Nice!

  2. I love the fact that you have used found objects in your painting. Makes taking a walk a whole new experience. I think it portrays your concern for the environment perfectly. I bet it really is fun to see first hand.

  3. Wonderful! I love using dimensional objects in my collages, but don't know if I do it so well. I totally get your concept in this work. Sorry to sound like such a "fan" but, well, I am!

    1. Thanks so much to those above who were kind enough to leave comments...I read them avidly and with great appreciation! I'm so glad someone "gets" me! And thanks to Shauna, of whom I would be a fan too if I knew a damned thing about those mysterious circles! Ha!


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