Saturday, February 23, 2013


You see them in the arts and crafts magazines, in ancient art, and as symbolic imagery everywhere. Birds are charming and decorative, but more than that they are richly significant.

The crow is sometimes a symbol of adultery, a fact that I did not know when I created the work shown here. (If you use sparrows in your work, you should know that, traditionally, they have been associated with the dead.) 

painting on canvas, acrylics, mixed media
Town Crier, acrylics, papers, 18 x 24"

A color scheme of red, white, and blue can be very effective with the addition of a variety of values, including black.
mixed media, mixed-media art
Eye See You, Mixed-media on canvas, 12 x 18"

There's something I really like about blues--any blues--combined in a work with browns, tans, or golden colors. It really works for me and for lots of other artists!

These paintings are shown courtesy Stackpole Books and Paula Guhin.


  1. These paintings are just beautiful. The colors are wonderful.
    North Carolina

  2. My brother once told me that if there wasn't blue, he thought I wouldn't be able to paint.

  3. Thanks to Barb, Carrie, and Peggy...your comments make my heart warm.


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