Sunday, December 30, 2012


Are you LinkedIn? All these artists are members, and they also belong to the group "Mixed Media/Collage."  Join us there!  Enjoy the smorgasbord here and make a luncheon of these links!

Our first delicious site belongs to Wendy Alvarez. striking and easy to navigate. Wendy is a full-time mixed media artist. Don't miss her Heads of State series! 
art blogs
Aviary Series #11 by Wendy Alvarez

Nicky Barfoot is a textile artist, but you can also see examples of her mixed media and collage work on the blog
Are you into portrait collages? Paul Matthew Dessau does that and much more fine art work. Take a look at his step-by-step process with magazine papers!

Collage by Paul Dessau

Liz Kettle's site, shared with another fiber artist, is  Even if you're not into needle and thread, see the gallery for inspiration.
Wisdom Journey by Liz Kettle

Enjoy some of Chris Marshall's mixed media/collage works in the galleries area of  She shares the site with her hubs, Steve Marshall, and they are both in Perth, Western Australia. (Steve is a photographer and woodcrafter.)
Art by Chris Marshall

Handmade treasures abound at The site is an eclectic mix of art dolls, textile and bead art, and still more. Thanks, Wilma Simmons, for sharing!
Seasons project for the "Hello Dollies" challenge

Joy Norman, mixed media artist, teaches papermaking workshops and maintains a well-organized website in the U.K. Her url is View it and be inspired!
Shallow Waters by Joy Norman

Linda Neff's website, called (yes) is all about making "scrapped little treasures."  If you're into cards, ornaments, paper and such, check it out! She does tutorials, and will custom-make scrapbook pages and more.
Linda Neff

Geri DeGruy

Our next site in this buffet is
"Ger" loves to create, with fabrics, yarn, thread, paint, words, music and just about anything. See colorful mixed media pieces under "Works."

Sheila Gazlay has a cornucopia of many things to choose from, including some collages, at, 

You'll find mixed media landscape art at . Judith's website is professional and elegant. She works in assemblage and much more. (Wish I could buy her Bird House #3.)
Judith Monroe

Last but certainly not least, the work of Heidi Eisenmann-Jones can be found at
She is an artist who loves to draw and paint fantasy animals and fairies and write stories about them. Heidi also creates mixed media collages. 
By Heidi Eisenmann-Jones


  1. This is so cool!

    And I am so grateful that you included me and my artwork. Thank you!!!

    Geri deGruy

  2. What an amazing group of artists. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with those of us that follow you.
    Their sites are amazing and I espically like Paula Guhin's work.

    1. Geri and Barb,
      Thanks so much for your comments...especially since you took time during the holidays to make them!


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