Monday, May 16, 2011


1. Use a matte acetate sheet if possible. The one pictured here was more difficult to do because the oil pastels slipped and slid on the shiny acetate.

2. Make a sketch on white paper, and put it underneath the acetate. Paint highlights of oil pastels first, and all light areas, to keep them from getting muddy later on. Place strokes of color side by side as the Impressionists did. Gradually work in the middle tones and finally the darkest areas.

3. Don't worry if you can't cover every little bit of the acetate. Back the finished painting with foil for a special effect. Gold or silver art foil, even kitchen foil, works wonders as a background that peeks through in places. Place small dots of glue along the edges of the foil paper, and glue the painted surface to it. Now see your masterpiece! The gloss side (acetate only) is the side from which to view the painting. This would be a good art project for middle-school kids.

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