Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Dad's Prints

Cal Schultz was an incredible father. I lost my biological dad when I was only two, and he was a wonderful, handsome man too, I've been told.
Cal married my mother when I was an impossible teenager, but he was patient and kind. He was also an extremely talented artist who had to live with a disability all his life. Struck by polio at a young age, he survived--sometimes by crawling. I loved him very much and miss him every day.
These prints of his vary in size from 8 x 10" for the pen and inks to much larger for the color print.

Old Schoolhouse (in Rural South Dakota)          
Horses at Barn


Season Over


  1. Always loved to see Cal's work.

  2. Paula: I am so grateful that you visited my blog because I was able to find out about you! I absolutely love your blog. Cal's work is stunning and you wrote such a warm tribute.

    Thanks Paula....I will be a frequent visitor now!

  3. Just beautiful - especially knowing they have such sentimental value. Thank you for sharing them:)


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