Saturday, March 12, 2011

20 Fast and Fun Drawing Projects!

In a rut, sketching the same old thing all the time? Break out of the box!
Maybe some of these ideas will excite your muse.

1. Use a small mirror and draw your own eyes. Fill the page.  

2. Draw a clothespin and add shading. Work large.
3. Draw an underwater scene. Add sunken, man-made items.
4. Design your own piece of jewelry.
5. Sketch a scene on another planet. Use every value from white to black.
6. Crumple a sheet of paper and draw it, wrinkles and all.
7. Make up your own futuristic vehicle and draw it, adding lots of details.
8. Draw a composite animal made up of the parts of several real animals.
9. Combine a man-made object with something from nature. Add texture.
10. Sketch a dragon. Add a castle or a knight in the background.
11. Combine a human face with that of an animal.
12. Draw the view outside the window.
13. Sketch the inside of your locker or closet. From memory.
14. Draw a shoe or a pair of shoes.
15. Sketch a glove or a hat.
16. Draw a composite machine made of parts of lots of different machines.
17. Draw your own hand. No tracing!
18. Sketch the back of the head of a person sitting in front of you.
19. Draw an empty candy wrapper.
20. Make a black and white design based on a small section of a map.

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