Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Top 10 List, Don't You Hate It When...

Not blogging about mixed art media this time, folks. But I hope you'll read it anyway!
  1. The checkout person at the register not only doesn't count your change back to you, but also puts the coins on top of the bills? Or is that just me?
  2. You keep waiting for the pepper to come out of the shaker when you've been vigorously salting your food all along?
  3. When a grown man calls broccoli "that green stuff"? And cauliflower "that white stuff."
  4. School teachers earn less than nearly any other professional?
  5. You hear "Cold enough for you?" for the umpteenth time in a single day.
  6. Companies send you bills without return envelopes?
  7. Misspelled words in expensive magazines? Where are the copy editors?
  8. When someone says to you, "Cheer up," and you're already perfectly happy.
  9. When you're talking with someone who keeps rubbing his nose until you finally HAVE to ask if you have a booger yourself?
  10. Someone leaves the grocery store with ten plastic bagsful in their cart. Don't they KNOW about reuseable tote bags?

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