Monday, October 31, 2016


I've raved about Bombay colored India inks before (click here)...j'adore all the great colors they come in! But today I explored a couple of others: Holbein drawing inks and Sennelier shellac-based inks.
The 13 Holbein drawing inks are waterproof and come with droppers in the screw-on tops. Some are transparent, some opaque.
Sennelier shellac-based inks have a transparent, satin finish and thin with water, if you can believe that!

For the first example shown below, I worked on acrylic paper from a pad, spraying a little purple fluid acrylic from a spray bottle. Then I used the applicator tip of the Carmine color of Holbein ink. It's a powerful pigment! Then I let that dry.

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I actually liked this first step better than the result later.
Next, I created a few puddles of rubbing alcohol and added alcohol ink, but didn't love the effect, shown below:
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I do like the colors together, though!
The next exploration was done on Cachet 101 Mix Media Black paper, which they say is "environmentally friendly." Bonus! I wet the paper with clear water, then added white acrylic in places. When it was dry, I used alcohol with the shellac-based blue and yellow Sennelier inks. Not my favorite experiment result, but I had to try, right? The inks are gorgeous anyway.

This will make good collage paper.

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