Thursday, June 30, 2016


As readers might know, I love to experiment...uh,
with art techniques, that is!
When someone suggests I use a high-temp glue gun, I'll use the low-temp. If I don't have any parchment paper on hand, I'll try the paper made for pastries instead!
Today's post will tell you how I made a couple of quick stencils with a glue gun. They're durable and original. And yours will be much nicer than mine, I'm sure!
TIP: A higher wattage glue gun and the thicker, longer glue sticks will make the process go faster and easier.
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Create your design on a silicone or Teflon mat if you have one. I tried a plastic page protector as my work surface, eventually prying the design off! (So, uh, I don't recommend that.) I then worked on commercial deli paper, which released the design well. Only had to peel off a little paper from my stencil in a couple of places!
MORE TIPS: Don't touch the hot tip of the glue gun, or the hot glue itself! OUCH! And place the glue gun on a protective surface when you set it down...the hot glue might leak out!
Wait for your design to cool before removing from the surface. Use on white, black, or multi-colored papers or canvases. Spray paint or daub sponges over your new stencils.
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A non-objective painting with stencil in place, ready to be used.
TIP: Any fine threads of extra glue you might get are easily removed.

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                 Something the cat threw up? A lacier stencil experiment.


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My final step was to scribble in a few marks.
Give this easy art method a's addictive!

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