Saturday, January 12, 2013

Prize Winners & a CPS Call for Art


I was gratified by the terrific response to this last week's contest to win the art book, and asked my dear husband to draw out two slips of paper from the bowl. The winner of the Creative Painting book is Katia! I'll send it to her via USPS as soon as I have her mailing address. Congrats, girl!

mixed media

The consolation prize is another very nice art book, Painting in Mixed Media, by Moira Huntly. That one goes out to Jinxxxygirl! 

Thanks so much to all the others who left comments. I appreciate it!

Now to announce a call for paper arts by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. And they aren't even paying me to do this!

If you have a work or two you'd like to send them, make sure it's primarily paper, or paper plus one other medium. CPS is going to put out a special issue! So check out this link to their submission guidelines if you're interested:


  1. Woot woot!! Thank you Paula!!! Now i'm looking for your email address to get you my snail mail address.....If you don't hear from me my email is
    nuleaf at comcast dot net

  2. HI Paula!

    The only email i found for you was . I emailed you my snail mail addy.. did you get it??? Hugs! deb

    1. Not yet, girl, and I'm afraid I just left a message on your running blog to get in touch with me with your addy. Sorry.

  3. Paula i tried sending you another email.....if you don't receive it shortly pleas do email me at
    nuleaf at comcast dot net

    Maybe we can communicate that way.....
    Otherwise i'm not sure what to do. I don't Facebook or Twitter only blog and email....

    nuleaf at comcast dot net

    Hugs! deb

  4. Paula thank you for all your patience and working with me to get my snail mail addy to you! I'am so looking forward to receiving the book! Your the best! Hugs! deb


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