Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giveaway Contest Continues, and Tips on How to Pick a Color Scheme

Thanks to those followers who have already left comments at the previous post. They are still in the running for the freebie piece of art shown below. But it's not too late to enter! Just leave a comment here, below, and I will add your name to the drawing for the painting. Winner announced next Monday, July 16, so stay tuned!

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You can win this painting!

Choosing a Color Scheme
Of course you can use warm colors, as I did above with reds, yellows, and oranges. Black, gray, and white are neutrals.
But one of my faves is to pick a color that I want to be predominant in an artwork. Then select its complement to use as an accent. For example, if I plan to use a lot of blue-greens, then I would add a bit of red-orange to really make it pop.
Yellow is the opposite of purple, but again, using them equally in a single art piece is not recommended. 
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mixed media

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  1. Love the painting! I have ordered your new book from Amazon - waiting impatiently for it to arrive. Vivian Miller


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