Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness Contest! Follow Here for Chance to Win an Artwork!

This week's freebie to a lucky follower who leaves a comment below:
This shadowbox, above, measures 6 x 8". Photo is a bit darker than the actual work.

This giveaway ends on Sunday evening, March 25, 2012. Winner's name will appear with the next post.


  1. Hey Paula! what a great give away. . . thought i'd throw my hat in the ring.
    thanks for the chance!

  2. If I win, I'm going to donate it to my agency's 3rd Annual Survivors' Art Show!!! Fingers crossed! They are lovely. In the past, pieces similar to these have earned $300+! That means a LOT of art supplies for our clients the next year!

  3. Hi Paula, What beautiful collages! I do wonder what the first young lady might be contemplating? (I TOLD 'Cook' I Don't Like Oatmeal!)...haha!

    when I read the quote about planting the Cheerios, and waiting for Donuts, I laughed. Once, when my family was camping, my sister (then about 4), had the idea to make 'Huckleberry Pie'--One little huckleberry, placed delicately on top of a single Cheerio! Perfect for a Barbie Doll!

    Have a great day.

  4. Paula, discovered your blog thru LinkedIn. I love it. It's inspiring and full of whimsy. Your art work is lovely. Thanks for the fabulous opportunity to win some.

  5. When she followed the yellow bird to the house near the river, she did not know that her lovely and serene smile would be strained by what she found. The bird had a black wing, which she'd chosen to ignore. But the thing was, the bird had a red beak, which should have stopped her. Everyone knows that birds with red beaks mean...nothing in particular, but now she wondered if it was significant because...

    Hi Paula: I found you at LI and am impressed by all of the publishing that you've done. Love your aquarium photos. I want the bird collage :)

    1. Sandi, you have a gift for story-telling! Good luck!


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