Sunday, October 3, 2010

London was Art-Inspiring!!!!

This first photo, admittedly
soft and blurry, is of a filtered
St. Paul's Cathedral.
At night, natch.

Next, we have a small portion of a memorial I saw in either Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens (I was never sure where one left off and the other started!)
dedicated to all the animals who served and died in various wars. It struck a chord.
Finally, for now, an image very appropriate for October and Halloween, taken at Bunhill Burial Grounds in London.
I'll bet dollars to doughnuts the name is a corruption of "Bonehill,"
don't you think?                                                             
No mixed media in this posting, but I do plan to use some of my London shots in mixed media artworks soon!


  1. I loved the cathedral... Even though it is blurry but still a formidable piece of photography...
    Have a nice day:)

  2. my parents donated their pet dog to the forces during World War Two - unfortunatley he didn't make it - the amazing thing is that immediatly after the war (1946) they received a certificate from the war office saying he (the dog) had died defending king and country - it is the thought of an office somewhere in government during the immediate aftermath of the war with all the gigantic human problems of injury, homelessness, dislocation and bankruptcy even contemplating sending out these thank you certificates which officaily recognised the part the animals played - we are truely barmy in the UK but its a barminess that I do like so much


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