Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art Techniques I Want to Use If I Ever Have the Time!

Do you have a boxful of ideas to try...someday? Mine is overflowing with pictures, sketches, jotted notes, color schemes, and much, much more. Now if time would slow enough to try them all!
  • I'd like to do some repousse work with thin metal.
  • I want to cut and pull some strings on burlap and then add paint and more "stuff."
  • I'd love to buy a rub-on gold or silver foiling sheet and see where it takes me.
  • Want to learn how to rivet thin metal properly, too.
  • Wish I could get a battery-run dremel tool that doesn't go to he!! on me! I'd cut through old, discarded books with it.
  • I'd make some neutral-colored collages in grey and brown and black and white, just for me, even if no-one else liked them.
  • Someday I'll make a fabulous, fierce, life-size mask encrusted with "junk."
  • Want to work teeny-tiny...maybe slide-mount size!
  • I see a series in the future, gallery-wrapped and wall-mounted side by side, although each piece can stand alone in its own right.
  • I'd like to create a relief sculpture with many small wood scraps of different (wood) colors.
And sooooo much more. Has my little list given you any ideas to try yourself? Carve out some time and just do it!

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  1. You got me thinking about all the things I would like to do if I had the time. One of them would be to try my hand at carving/decorating gourds. There is a gourd artist here in Norwalk who does some beautiful work, she has even offered to show me how! Now if I could just find the time, have a Blessed week with lots of time to start your list!


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