Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Off (in more ways than one)!

I must begin this post with a note to Ruth, who kindly left a comment a few days ago. Thanks!!! And I love what you said about Photoshop. To answer your question about table salt, I would try Margarita salt instead, with fabric dye that's not too terribly intense. A bit more water, in other words.

Now for the exciting news! I'm off to merrie olde London in a few days! It's going to be fantabulous. Ten days, but of course two of them are spent in travel. Lord love a duck.

The photo below, made artsy-fartsy with Photoshop, is of my beloved shih tzu, Dominic. Isn't he a furball?


  1. Hello Paula ! I'm happy to discover your amazing blog ! it makes my day, also thank you to share the image of the wooden door, I like it much and it's inspiring to create with.

  2. I love horses, too, Nigea, as I noticed you do on your site. Thanks for your kind words.


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