Thursday, May 6, 2010

CONTEST! Ends June 20, 2010.

This is so easy to enter, and the prize is a brand new copy of the book, Image Art Workshop! Simply tell me your most innovative way of making decorative paper to use in your work. (Comment under this image, a white page decorated with layers of crayon and then scratched.)  Here's the must be a PAINTING technique. The one with the most unusual--but workable--idea (in my opinion) wins.
Here's a helpful tip: If it's fast, easy, and cheap, more artists will use it!


  1. I like using found objects as stamps/mark makers....anything that will make a textured mark with paint. Things like wallpaper, lace, textured fabrics, bits of knitting, etc can be stuck to a tube and then used as a roller. A design can be cut easily into a bit of spare pipe lagging [the spongy type]and also used as a texture roller.

  2. I like to use an acetone transfer technique with antique advertising prints I find at our local flea market (or any print you want!). I transfer the prints onto wood, carve out the main elements of the design, and make wood block prints from it. Once I've printed onto paper (or any surface you like), I acetone transfer the original print over the wood block print in all different directions, giving it a layered/patterned effect. It turns out great!


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