Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Make a Photographic Impact

The following article is protected by copyright and is taken from Paula’s book, Image Art Workshop: Creative Ways to Alter and Enhance Photos for Albums, Journals, Collage and Other Image-Based Crafts. It's available on!

Three (or More) Is Better Than One!
Stylizing with successively sized photos is a snap, and the result can be a dynamic design. Three is better than one! This project is good for any skills level and can, of course, be done on the computer instead of the old-fashioned way.

Materials and Tools:

• Three copies of a borderless image (size small, medium, and large)

• Trimmer, paper cutter or scissors (or computer and printer)

• Adhesive (optional)

• Large piece of matboard (optional)

1. The choice of subject matter will greatly influence the finished product’s appeal. Use trial and error to learn which image is most eye-catching with this project.

2. Photocopy or print out one image three times, progressively enlarging or reducing it. Make each copy lighter or darker than the last if desired. Here are three other ideas: print on three different colors of cardstock, progressively desaturate a color image, or dye the copies in varying tones. A wash of watercolors or water-based ink lends a difference.
3. Trim borders, if any, from the images. Rectangles aren’t the only shape option, of course. Use any shape that works with the image. Arrange the pieces with the largest first and the others atop it. Try out both an evenly balanced, formal design and an asymmetrical (off-center) one. Symmetrical compositions can impart strength and stability to artworks, while informal balance can be more interesting sometimes.

4. Carry the layout off the top, bottom, or a side if desired.

5. When the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement is in place, glue the pieces down.


  1. what great pics, Thanks for sharing how to do them... something for the New Year me thinks ;D

  2. Great start to your blog Paula! And thanks for the tutorial! I'm pretty sure that Santa bought me your book for Christmas :-) I can't wait to open it, LOL.


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